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Nova system manual

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nova system manual

Contributor - Level 2. Brands: TC Electronic. Tags 1. Tags: Nova System. The link to the manuals doesn't open to a working page. Is there another link? I Use Hand-Me-Downs. The link on the TC site is working fine for me That worked fine. The link in the post above doesn't work. The link above has now been fixed. Discover News Community Announcements. Music Tribers We Empower. You Create. Updates Get Latest Forum Updates. Learn Enjoy Courses and Lessons.

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Discover our Service offer. In the news. See all.It seems designed for those seeking high-quality digital effects in a convenient, compact, road-worthy unit.

AC1200 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

The Nova System has two types of analog distortion overdrive, distortionthree types of compressors percussion, sustain, advancedEQ, noise gate, six types of modulation effects chorus, flanger, vibrato, phaser, tremolo, pannerfive types of pitch effects pitch shifter, octave, whammy, detune, intelligent pitch shiftsix types of delay clean, analog, tape, dynamic, ping-pong, dualfour types of reverb spring, hall, room, plateboost, and tap tempo.

It also has a built-in tuner. The Nova System is not a modeler. There are no amp or cabinet models. However, it does have a speaker simulator so it can be used direct into a PA or recording rig. There is also no wah effect. If you want wah, you need to add a wah pedal.

nova system manual

In Preset mode the The Nova System allows you to select from 60 user presets and 30 factory presets. Although there are several that make good starting points for your own tweaking. There are 20 user banks with 3 presets slots available for storing your own presets. Each preset can contain up to seven effects, one from each of these categories: drive, compression, EQ, modulation, pitch, delay, and reverb.

You use the two switches on the left of the unit to bank up or down, and the remaining three switches on the lower row to change presets. This is a good mode to set up presets for individual songs and then switch presets between songs. In Pedal mode the Nova System acts like a pedalboard with seven effects that you can turn on and off individually.

In Pedal mode, the Nova System still allows you to change presets by holding down the bank buttons. So you could set up 60 different pedalboards with seven effects each and switch between them all. If you just need a few of the same effects for a gig, this is the mode to use.

If you add the optional Switch-3 formerly called G-Switch pedal you can use the Switch-3 pedal to change presets and still turn on and off effects individually. This is the best of both modes since you can set up both presets and pedalboards, and use both.

nova system manual

However, the trade-off is you loose the option of using an expression pedal since there is only one pedal jack. Without making this review impossibly long by describing each effect, I will simply say that TC Electronic is well-known for its studio-quality effects, and as expected the Nova System excels at clean effects.

The reverbs and delays are pristine and lush. Some of the modulation effects do have a digital quality to them, but you can make them more analog sounding by tweaking the HiCut and Mix controls. Digital effects are very high fidelity, so cutting the high frequencies can help warm them up.

I really like the phaser, it is warm and swirly like a good phaser should be. The pitch effects allow you do some very cool things including octaves and key based harmonies. I was hoping for a more tube-like overdrive.

Instead it sounds more like a analog distortion pedal, which makes perfect sense because that is what it is. I was able to tweak some usable rhythm tones from it, but I think it is much better at adding distortion and gain to an already overdriven tube amp than simulating a tube amp in a preset. I prefer to think of it as a bonus distortion pedal thrown in for free and have come to use it and enjoy it for boosting solos.

While editing is fairly straight forward, you select an effect and use knobs to edit parameters on the display screen using a menu to access all the parametersthe parameter values themselves are usually frequencies, dBs, and percentages. You really need to experiment and listen while you make changes. It can be intimidating to those used to twisting knobs from 0 - But in exchange you get a lot of control over the effects.

This makes it easy to add favorite effects setting to new presets. Playing in my jazz band, I needed mainly a few clean effects especially reverb to go with my solid state Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight amp. I put the Nova System in Pedal mode and turn on and off the effects as needed.

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nova system manual

Online service.Page of 48 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. NOVA System.

TC Electronic Nova System Review

Table of Contents. Tc electronic natural, intelligent vocal harmony user's manual 22 pages. Guitar effects processor, loop system and midi controller 81 pages. Ultimate multichannel processing platform 33 pages. This equipment generates, uses and can Page 5: Table Of Contents Flanger This is the real deal — Page 10 By tapping the switch you enter the global tempo for Output levels can be set for each preset. For a stereo setup connect the NOVA System right output to the effects loop return power amp in of the other amp.

Consequently, the delay and reverb effects do not affect each other. This means that no reverb is added to the delay repeats. On the other hand you will have full control of a digital device with a lower bit-depth, the dither the level parameters. Therefore only flashes in the right side of the display one cable should be used per expression pedal.

Page 19 Master If an expression pedal is connected to the pedal input and a preset is recalled, NOVA System can be set up to respond to either the current position of an expression pedal or to the value stored with the preset. Pretty much as a you would use default settings. In Tuner mode the following parameters can be set. Tuner Out Mute: Output is muted when in tuner mode. In Edit mode you have several options: In Preset mode Page Effects Drive Its wide gain range covers your every need from light breakup to heavy distortion.

Overdrive Distortion The NOVA System overdrive emulates the classic The nature of distortion compared to overdrive is overdrive originally only in found tube amps. Page 29 thereby letting your guitar sound stand out clearer and also for more radical, very recognizable Advanced Type effects. Advanced for full access to all compression parameters and sustaining Threshold Range: dB to 0 dB Illustration — Individually tuned these types to lower the output level of the compression block by a allow you two easily setup commonly used compression few dB.

Threshold Range: dB to 0 dB The threshold point determines at what point the Noise Gate should start attenuating the signal. One path treats the signal Phaser. The NOVA System offers variations of this effect; ranging from soft and smooth to hard and aggressive.

Use this for extreme stereo perspective effects.I thought I had it all worked out, a Cornford Roadhouse 30 combo for my drive sounds, a Zoom G3 in the loop for adding effects and volume boost for solos. It worked, and it sounded great. I had to deal with a mass of cables when setting up, it was noisy due to the daisy chain power supply and my refusal to shell out big bucks for an isolated one, and the switching was a always a pain, especially if I wanted to add volume boost with the Zoom G3 and the BOSS SD-1 at the same time for a lead part.

He was setting up in no time, and had a range of great sounds at his feet, so I had to give it try. First is the boost feature.

Nova System - Controlling presets with G-Switch

The Nova System has a clever solution to this in that the signal is always attenuated until you release it with the boost switch, thereby giving you a volume boost despite going into the front of the amp. Well, I thought I was setup, but the Nova system seems unnecessarily complex for what it is. EQ and boost Level can be set globally or per patch, which is a useful feature for the boost to save setting it up for every patch but maybe less so for EQ where I prefer EQ per patch.

This is great as you have all the effect blocks compression, reverb, drive, delay, mod, pitch and boost all easily accessible, and the changes are instant with no noticeable delay. So, in practice, you may have a crunch tone set up on the drive block. Yes, you can knock the drive off easily for clean and boost the volume with the boost switch, but the boost is just too clean for a sustaining lead sound, so you need to setup a lead preset, and select it by holding wait for a second and release, then do the same to get back to the rhythm crunch tone.

This is frankly unworkable, particularly in a live setting, but totally understandable as the front row switches are dual function. So then I turned to preset mode…. Now I can have a adjacent patches for rhythm and lead and just switch between them, solving the above problem. Not a lot, but enough to bother you and throw off your timing. My Zoom G3 never had this problem and that was less than half the price.

Interoperable. Interdisciplinary. Interjurisdictional.

In the end, I settled for preset mode, with a basic bank of patches being rhythm, lead and clean. The Nova System overdrive leans towards a chunkier, fuller sound which is great for some applications, but I like more clarity, particularity when rolling back the guitar volume maybe the mix control would work wonders here.

As an example I used to be able to dial in a lot more gain on my Cornford for a lead tone, then back off the guitar volume to clean it up for rhythm. With the Nova System overdrive, the range is just not there and it muddies up more when backing off the volume. If you want a fuller lead sound the rhythm sound is too indistinct, and if you want a cleaner rhythm sound the lead is too bright. Some songs need a phaser and a delay, but the main reason I bought the Nova System was to provide the dirt and boost to a clean amp.

Boost : The boost is a no-brainer. As previously mentioned, I can think of any other multi-fx unit that in effect attenuates the normal signal until the boost is hit, thereby giving you a decent volume hike into the front end of the amp. All the others just increase gain.

It may be just a clean volume boost, but you can always assign the boost to a preset with added drive too. Delay: The delay block is professional sounding and feature packed, with crystal clear repeats. First of all, Detune, which is a chorus style effect, allows you to free up the Mod block for something else i. The pitch shifter also allows you to set up a second delay if required.

Very handy. On top of this, the Octaver and intelligent pitch shifter track marvelously and sound huge. Modulation : All the staples are present and correct. Again we have superb tone and ultimate flexibility here, with a wealth of options, but herein lies the problem. The sounds are all in there, somewhere, but it takes time and patience to get the best out of it. Also has an advanced option for the experts.

Those wanting to go direct through the pa will need to make do with the speaker emulation. In summary then, the TC Electronic Nova System keeps the effects roster simpler than most, but allows you to delve deeper than most into setting up those sounds. Overall the unit sounds dynamic, clear, natural and above all, professional.

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